June 2023 Releases

What's new

June 20

Debian 12 HDD and ISO images are now accessible through the Data Center Designer (DCD) and the Cloud API. These latest Debian images are compatible with all IONOS Compute Engine instances, including Dedicated Core Servers and Cloud Cubes.

June 1

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is now a General Availability (GA) feature for all IONOS Compute Engine instances of type Dedicated Core Servers and Cloud Cubes. Applications can now be hosted in the dual stack with connectivity over both IPv6 and IPv4 within virtual data centers and to and from the internet.


June 1

Firewall rules configuration for a Network Interface Card (NIC) is now extended to support IPv6. With this enhancement, Firewall rules support ICMPv6 as a protocol, IPv6 addresses as source or destination IPs, and lets you specify the IP version for which a given rule is applicable.

June 1

With IONOS extending IPv6 support to Compute Engine instances, you can now use the Flow Logs to capture data related to IPv6 network traffic flows in addition to IPv4.

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