Will DBaaS be offered on Cloud Cubes?

DBaaS is only available on Virtual Servers at this time. There may be support for Cloud Cubes in the future.

What happens when the connection reaches its limits?

Depending on the library you are using, you may see an error message similar to the following:

Too many connections

How do we prevent reaching the connection limit?

As each user has 250 connections and max_connections is set to 500, it is less probable that a user will use up all of their connections with MariaDB.

Can I scale the deployment to increase its connection limit?

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to scale the deployment for increasing connection limits.

What are the supported backup methods?

IONOS provides an automated backup within the cloud infrastructure. You can use the mariadb-dump client to back up data to a different location. For more information, refer to the MariaDB Documentation.

What are the main considerations for latency and performance?

Achieving high availability and minimal latency are the main goals of the IONOS Cloud. We recommend that you host your application servers closer to your database and in a geographic location appropriate for your user base to reduce the adverse effects of network latency on your application. For more information, refer to the MariaDB Documentation.

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