The following are a few FAQs to provide insights into the Basic Authentication Deprecation notice and its impact on user accounts with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled or 2FA forced.

What is the Basic Authentication Deprecation notice?

The Basic Authentication Deprecation notice is a notification that significant changes are being made to IONOS APIs and SDKs authentication methods. Starting from February 1, 2024, the newly introduced token management feature will generate authentication tokens from the DCD, and the Basic Authentication function will be disabled for all 2FA-enabled or 2FA-forced users effective March 15, 2024.

Why is Basic Authentication being deprecated for users with 2FA enabled or forced?

The 2FA is enabled or forced on user accounts to enforce improved security while accessing IONOS DCD, APIs an SDKs. Hence, when the 2FA is enabled, access to IONOS' APIs and SDKs is allowed only through an authentication token, and Basic Authentication is deprecated.

How are users with 2FA enabled or forced impacted after March 15, 2024?

After March 15, 2024, users with 2FA enabled or forced will undergo the following changes:

  • The existing tokens created via the Auth API will not be supported anymore.

  • Authentication to IONOS' APIs and SDKs is only allowed by the Authorization token that is generated from the Token Manager in the DCD.

  • Requesting authorization via Basic Authentication across IONOS' APIs and SDKs will not be supported by the end of 2024.

  • Logging in using USERNAME and PASSWORD credentials will no longer work with tools such as IonosCTL, Terraform and Ansible.

  • To improve user security, use the Token Manager to Generate authentication token.

  • Token generation via IonosCTL will not be allowed.

Is there any impact on users who do not have 2FA configured after March 15, 2024?

No, users without 2FA enabled or forced are not impacted by the Basic Authentication deprecation. Such users can continue to use Basic Authentication to access IONOS' APIs and SDKs. However, it is recommended to use 2FA for improved user security and use the Token Manager to generate authentication tokens.

How can impacted users continue using IONOS APIs and SDKs after the deprecation of Basic Authentication?

To continue using IONOS' APIs and SDKs, you must request authorization through tokens that can be generated from the new Token Manager in the DCD, available from February 1, 2024. For more information, see Manage Authentication Tokens .

What can I do with the Token Manager?

Using the API/SDK Authentication Token Manager, you can generate new tokens, list all tokens, and delete tokens. A new token is valid for its defined Time To Live (TTL) duration. Using these tokens, 2FA enabled or forced user accounts can authenticate to use IONOS' APIs and SDKs.

How do I access the new token management system in the DCD?

In the DCD, go to Management > Token Management. In the API/SDK Authentication Token Manager, use the Generate Token option to create a token.

Is there a grace period for migrating to the new token management?

You can continue using Basic Authentication till the end of 2024. However, a grace period is not possible for the users with 2FA enabled. The new token management is available effective February 1, 2024, and to continue using IONOS APIs and SDKs, you must transition to the new token management by March 15, 2024. If you do not take action by this date, you will no longer be able to access IONOS' APIs and SDKs.

Can I request an extension for token duration validity beyond one year?

Currently, the token generated from the Token Manager in the DCD is valid for a maximum of one year. There is no provision for extending this duration. You will need to renew your tokens as needed.

Is this change applicable to all IONOS services?

This change primarily applies to 2FA enabled or forced user accounts across IONOS' APIs and SDKs that were using Basic Authentication for authorization. Other services and APIs continue to have their authentication methods and policies.

Can I use existing Basic Authentication tokens after the deprecation date?

No, after the deprecation date (March 15, 2024), Basic Authentication tokens will no longer be valid for authorization for 2FA-enabled and forced users. You must switch to using tokens provided by the Token Manager.

How does this change enhance security and user experience?

This change enhances user security by moving away from Basic Authentication, which is considered less secure, and by providing a more streamlined and user-friendly token management system for APIs and SDKs access. It helps protect user data and accounts.

How can I get more information or assistance with this transition?

For more information or assistance with this transition, you can contact IONOS Cloud Support or see Deprecation of Basic Authentication documentation.

How will the 2FA change impact the Token Management API?

For the Token Management APIs, if you have 2-Factor Authentication configured, then you are no longer allowed to create or delete tokens using this API. You can use the Token Manager in the Data Center Designer (DCD) to create or delete the tokens.

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