Log in to the Data Center Designer

  1. Access the DCD in your web browser by navigating to https://dcd.ionos.com.

  2. Select your preferred language (DE | EN) in the top right corner of the Log in window.

  3. Enter the Email and Password created during registration.

  4. Select Log in.

Result: You will be successfully logged in to the DCD.

Note: By default, no code is required. The Verification code will be required if you have activated 2-Factor Authentication. We highly recommend enabling 2FA to improve the user security.


Once logged in, you will see the Dashboard. The Dashboard shows a concise overview of your data centers, resource allocation, and options for help and support. You can click on the IONOS logo in the Menu bar at any time to return to the Dashboard.

Inside the Dashboard, you can see the My Virtual Data Centers list and the Resource Allocation window. The Resource Allocation window shows the current usage of resources across your infrastructure.

Selecting a data center in the My Data Centers list opens the data center. However, if this is your first time using DCD, you need to create your first Virtual Data Center (VDC). For more information on creating the VDC, see Configure a Data Center.

The Menu bar at the top of the DCD screen allows you to access the DCD features, view notifications, visit the help section, and manage your user account.

Menu option


1. IONOS logo

Return link to the Dashboard.

2. Data Center Designer

List existing VDCs and/or create new ones.

2. Data Center Designer

List existing VDCs and/or create new ones.

3. Storage

List storage buckets and/or create new ones.

4. Containers

Manage Kubernetes and Container Registries.

5. Databases

Manage Databases.

6. Management

User, Group, and Resource settings and Security management.

7. Notification icon

Shows active notifications.

8. Help icon

Customer Support, Tutorials, FTP Upload Image access, and information about new features in the DCD.

9. Account Management

Account settings, resource usage, and billing methods.

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