Send Logs to the Platform

Prerequisites: To send logs to the logging platform, you must have the following:

  • A Ready pipeline instance to obtain the tcpAddress or httpAddress.

  • A key that you already obtained.

  • Fluent Bit log agent installed in your platform. For more information, see Getting Started with Fluent Bit.

Based on your infrastructure—whether it uses Kubernetes, Docker, or Linux Systemd—you may follow different instructions to set up and install Fluent Bit. However, ensure that the Fluent Bit's output configuration contains the following:

  • A log server endpoint is either a tcpAddress or a httpAddress, based on your log source.

  • A Shared_Key is required for authentication.

  • The Tag that you defined while creating the pipeline.

Here is an example of a Fluent Bit configuration that needs an endpoint, tag, and a key:

    Name            forward
    Match           *
    Port            9000
    Tag             <TAG>
    Host            <TCP_ENDPOINT>
    tls             on
    Shared_Key      <KEY>

Warning: The port must be set to 9000 if you are using a TCP protocol.


Fluent Bit can be configured to expose more verbose logs for troubleshooting purposes.

    Log_Level      debug

For more information, see Fluent Bit global configuration.

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