March 2024 Releases

What's new

March 28

IONOS DBaaS provides support for MariaDB clusters to suit your needs. It offers resources such as CPU cores, RAM size (GB), and storage types to create database clusters. Additionally, the database clusters facilitate point-in-time recovery and backup features, making them highly reliable. It also facilitates cloud-based database patching and scalability. The migration process is straightforward due to its compatibility with MySQL.

March 20

Starting today, the Backup Service management servers will switch to the new IP addresses. We recommend you update the configured firewall rules so that the firewall does not restrict backup agent access and allows the backup agents to communicate effectively. For more information, see FAQs.

March 13

Logging Service is enhanced to allow sub-users within your contract number to use their IONOS credentials and access Grafana upon meeting the pre-conditions. This enhancement improves accessibility and provides a seamless experience for all users within the Grafana environment.

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