Core Technology: The Stackable Data Platform is a universal Big Data distribution system, which serves as the base technology to orchestrate, deploy, scale, and manage Big Data within your IONOS Cloud infrastructure.

Managed Platform: The platform lets you deploy, scale, and manage your big data tools on IONOS Cloud servers in a fully automated way.

The open and modular approach of this distribution allows you to implement different data stacks on the same platform.

Supported Tools: This platform is based on a preconfigured Kubernetes cluster with pre-installed and fully managed Stackable Operators. IONOS offers the best available open-source tools and lets you bundle them in a way that makes it easy to deploy a fully working software stack

You can directly configure and manage these services in order to build your desired application on top of them. Stackable offers the best available open-source tools and lets you bundle them in a way that makes it easy to deploy a fully working software stack.

Key Features

Managed Service: A Kubernetes-powered stackable distribution that is ready to run any application available in the Stackable ecosystem.

Compatibility: Customize and manage data stacks flexibly based on the latest open-source software (e.g. Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Apache NiFi).

Infrastructure as Data: The distribution allows you to configure and customize existing open-source software in a manageable manner.

Security: Managed Stackable adds common authentication and authorization to all delivered products, which is key to building successful customer data platforms.

Supported Tools

Stackable Operators are components that translate service definitions deployed via Kubernetes into deployment services on worker nodes. They are pre-installed on a control plane node. Managed Stackable supports the following operators:

Apache AirflowApache DruidApache HBase

Apache Hadoop HDFS

Apache Hive

Apache Kafka

Apache NiFi

Apache Spark

Apache Superset

Apache ZooKeeper


Platform Management

Services offered by IONOS Cloud

  • Management API

  • Managed Kubernetes

  • Stackable Distribution

  • Security and Bug Fixes

Customer administration duties

  • Initial Cluster Setup

  • Stack Configuration

  • Processing Instructions

  • Data Storage

Platform Components

Managed Stackable consists of two components: DataPlatformCluster and DataPlatformNodePools.


A DataPlatformCluster is the virtual instance of the customer services and operations that run managed Services like Stackable operators. A DataPlatformCluster is a Kubernetes Cluster in the VDC of the customer. Therefore, it is possible to integrate the cluster with other resources such as vLANs, for example, to shape the data center to the customer’s specifications and integrate the cluster within the topology the customer wants to build.

In addition to the Kubernetes cluster, a small node pool is provided which is exclusively used to run the Stackable operators.


A DataPlatformNodePool represents the physical machines a DataPlatformCluster is built on top. In terms of configuration, all nodes in a node pool are identical. The nodes of a pool are provisioned into virtual data centers at a location of your choice, and you can freely specify the properties of all the nodes or node pools at once before creation.

Note: Nodes in node pools provisioned by the Managed Data Stack Solution Cloud API are read only in the customer's VDC and can only be modified or deleted via the API.

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