Set Up Object Storage Access

When you log on to the Object Storage using the DCD, the DCD manages authentication and authorization so that you can access the object storage with just one click.

Enable Object Storage access

Prerequisite: Make sure you have the corresponding privilege to enable IONOS S3 Object Storage. Only contract owners and administrators can enable Object Storage.

1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Management, and click Users & Groups.

2. Create a Group or open an existing group from the Groups drop-down list.

3. In the Privileges, select the Use Object Storage checkbox to enable Object Storage permission.

4. In the Members tab, add users to the group that you wish to authorize for the use of the object storage.

Result: All members of the authorized group get the required permission to manage IONOS S3 Object Storage using the web console.

Set Up Object Storage from the web console

You need to create a bucket or an Object Storage access key to start using the IONOS S3 Object Storage.

Prerequisite: The Use Object Storage permission must be enabled for the user account. The Object Storage is not enabled for an IONOS account by default. For more information, see Enable Object Storage access.

To set up Object Storage through the web console, follow these steps:

1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Storage > IONOS S3 Object Storage.

The Buckets and Key Management section are shown on the IONOS S3 Object Storage Home page.

2. Click Create a bucket. Creating a new bucket also creates an access key if it does not exist already. For more information, see Create a Bucket.

3. In the Key management, click Generate a key to create a new access key.

Your S3 credentials consist of an Access Key and a Secret Key. The web console automatically uses these credentials to set up Object Storage. These credentials are also required to set up access to IONOS S3 Object Storage using S3 Tools. For more information, see Generate a Key.

Result: The Object Storage is successfully set up through the web console. On setting up Object Storage, the billing starts only after you upload an object.

Accessing other users' Object Storage

Contract owners and administrators may use this functionality to access buckets and objects stored in the IONOS S3 Object Storage accounts of users who are no longer active members of their contracts.

Warning: Before you delete a user or all of their Object Storage access keys from your account, ensure that the content in their IONOS S3 Object Storage is accessible so that you can continue to use it or delete it by adjusting the access rights accordingly.

To access other user's Object Storage, follow these steps:

1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Management, and click Users & Groups.

2. Select the required user from the Users drop-down list.

3.In the Object Storage Keys, click Manage.

Result: You are now logged on as the bucket owner of the selected user's IONOS S3 Object Storage. You can now access the user's buckets, objects, and access keys. You can also update the Object Storage of this user account.


— The contract is charged for data stored even if all the Object Storage keys are deleted. However, you can create a new key and continue to work with Object Storage.

— You need to delete all the objects from the user-owned bucket before you delete a user or all of their Object Storage Keys from your account; otherwise, the contract continues to be charged for the stored data.

For more billing information, see Pricing Model or contact the IONOS Cloud Support.

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