DCD How-Tos

Prerequisite: A domain name is necessary to use the Cloud DNS. If you do not have one already, get a domain name and register it with a domain registrar.

User Management

Note: By default, only contract administrators and owners can manage the Cloud DNS records and zones using the Cloud DNS API and the DCD.

To facilitate additional users with privilege to manage the DNS zones and records, the DCD offers a new group privilege called Access and manage DNS in the User Manager, under the Privileges tab. Assigning this privilege to a group grants all users within the group the ability to manage Cloud DNS zones and records via the Cloud DNS API or the DCD.

For information on setting Access and manage DNS privilege to a group, see Set User Privileges via the DCD.

Zone and Records Management

The DCD lets you manage DNS zones and records via the graphical user interface.

On assigning user privileges, continue with the following DCD How-Tos:

To connect your domain with Cloud DNS, see Connect Domain Name to Cloud DNS.

Note: Advanced DNS management features like DNSSEC, Secondary zones, Import/Export of zones and Reverse DNS is currently only supported via the Cloud DNS API.

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