Use Cases

IONOS DBaaS MariaDB is a flexible database engine that is a perfect fit for facilitating enterprise-level analytics and solutions to drive online web applications for both individual use and business purposes. Due to its open-source nature, improved performance and MySQL compatibility, it is liked by developers and companies alike.

Scenario: Data warehousing and analytics


The price and overhead of managing voluminous data for businesses and individuals rise as the data increases.


MariaDB can be recommended for various instances where extensive data is stored and analyzed. Its high-availability environment ensures minimized downtime and continuous availability of data. Here are some scenarios where it can be implemented:

  • Web Applications: MariaDB is highly scalable, provides fast and reliable data retrieval, and can support sudden spikes in traffic. Hence, it can be used for web applications as a backend database, because it can handle the data storage needs of a dynamic website or web application.

  • Healthcare Systems: It is ideally suited for the secure and scalable storage and management of healthcare information, medical records, and patient data.

  • E-commerce Organizations: With its ability to manage user accounts, transactional data, and product catalogs, it is an ideal match for E-commerce platforms. Its ACID compliance ensures integrity and data consistency.

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