S3 Browser

S3 Browser is a free, feature-rich Windows client for IONOS S3 Object Storage.


  1. Download and install the S3 Browser.

  2. Add a new account and select:

    • Display name: Enter a name for the connection.

    • Account type: Select S3 Compatible Storage from the drop-down list.

    • REST Endpoint: If you already have a bucket, select the endpoint URL from the list. Otherwise, you can select s3-eu-central-2.ionoscloud.com, which corresponds to the location in Berlin, Germany.

    • To get the Access Key and Secret Key, log in to the DCD, go to Menu > Storage > IONOS S3 Object Storage > Key management.

  3. Storage settings:

    • Signature version: Select Signature V4 from the drop-down list.

    • Addressing model: Leave Path style.

    • Override storage regions: Paste the following text into the text area:

      Frankfurt, Germany=eu-central-1
      Berlin, Germany=eu-central-2
      Logrono, Spain=eu-south-2
    • Region-specific endpoint: Insert the following text: s3-{region-code}.ionoscloud.com

  4. Save the details.

  5. Try creating your first bucket. The bucket name must be unique across the entire IONOS S3 Object store. That's why S3 Browser will offer to add random text to the bucket name. But you can still try to come up with your unique name.

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