Update a MongoDB Cluster

You can update an existing MongoDB cluster on any of the following editions: Playground, Business, or Enterprise.

Edit a Cluster

Prerequisites: Make sure the MongoDB database cluster is added by following the steps in Set up a MongoDB Cluster.

Note: All the available MongoDB clusters that are part of your contract are listed under the MongoDB Clusters section on the Databases page.

1. In the Data Center Designer, click Menu > Databases > Postgres & MongoDB.

2. In the Databases window under the MongoDB Clusters section, click the database cluster that is added for the Playground edition.

4. In the Edit Form, you can update the following cluster details:

  • Display Name: Edit the name of the MongoDB cluster.

  • Edition: You can upgrade the existing cluster edition from Playground to either Business or Enterprise.

  • Template: Based on the edition selected, choose from the list of templates you want to update the cluster with.

  • Instances: Depending on the edition and template selected, you would see the allowed number of instances you could choose from. For example, if the existing cluster is updated to Business edition and a MongoDB Business S template is selected, then, you could choose to edit the number of instances to either one or three instances.

Note: The Estimated price will be displayed based on the input. The estimated cost is exclusive, where certain variables like traffic and backup are not considered.

  • Delete an existing IP address.

  • Add new Private IP/Subnet List.

6. In the Maintenance Window, you can edit the following details:

  • Maintenance time: Choose the appropriate time from the clock displayed.

  • Maintenance day: From the dropdown list, modify the preferred day on which the maintenance of the cluster must take place.

7. Click Save to provision your changes.

Result: The existing MongoDB cluster is updated with the newly defined values. You can review the updated cluster details under the Properties section.

Next steps: In editing a cluster, you can also perform the following actions:

  • In the User Management section, click Add to create and manage user roles for the MongoDB cluster. For more information, see Roles.

Note: Database snapshots are not available for clusters in the Playground edition. For more information, see Features.

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