You can configure VM Auto Scaling via DCD. This feature combines granular configurable options wherein you can create a group and define when the feature must scale in or scale out based on demand. You must also specify the minimum (for scale out) and the maximum (for scale in) number of replicas a group can contain for the replicas to stay within the given threshold.

Configure replicas after configuring thresholds and policies, where you define the settings, network, and storage volumes for the replicas created by the feature. After you define the network, you may add an Application Load Balancer (ALB) to the group.

After successfully creating a group, you can modify its details, delete it, and view its associated servers and list of jobs.

The following links redirect you to the relevant pages.

Configure a VM Auto Scaling group and define group-wide policies for scaling.

Configure storage size, networks, and storage volumes for the VM instances. You can also associate an Application Load Balancer (ALB) with the group.

Modify the group name and scaling policies.

Delete an existing VM Auto Scaling group.

View the servers associated with the group.

View the list of scaling operations.

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