Features and Benefits


  • S3 Compatible: Object Storage adheres to the industry-standard S3 protocol, ensuring seamless integration with S3 Tools and applications designed for S3-compatible platforms. For more information, see S3 API Compatibility.

  • Data Management: The data storage pool comprising of objects and buckets in a flat data environment is well manageable with the following data management functions:

    • Replication: Safeguards your data by duplicating it across multiple locations, providing redundancy and ensuring high availability.

    • Versioning: Tracks and manages multiple versions of an object, enabling easy rollback of objects and buckets to the previous states and preserving historical versions of objects and buckets.

    • Lifecycle: Archives or deletes objects based on predefined criteria, optimizing costs and managing data efficiently.

    • Object Lock: Secures your data by implementing retention policies or legal holds, ensuring that data objects remain immutable for a specified duration or indefinitely. This way, the data meets the Write Once Read Many (WORM) data storage technology and prevents the data from being erased or modified.

  • Access Management: The following functions allow users to set access permissions to other Object Storage users, defining who can access their objects and buckets.

    • Access Control List (ACL): A granular permissions for objects and buckets, controlling who can access and modify your data.

    • Bucket Policy: You can set overarching access policies for a bucket that provides additional security and control over how data is accessed and used.

    • Logging: Monitors and records access requests to your objects and buckets, providing a clear audit trail and helping identify suspicious activities.

    • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS): Defines rules for client web applications from different domains to access the data resources stored in your buckets.

  • Public Access: The data in the IONOS S3 Object Storage are well managed by allowing or blocking access permissions to be public access wherever needed with the following functions:

    • Block Public Access: Ensures data privacy by blocking all public access at the bucket or account level.

    • Static Website Hosting: Using Object Storage, you can host static websites directly, eliminating the need for additional web servers, thus simplifying deployment. You can enable the objects in these buckets with public read access, allowing users to view all the content on these static websites.

  • Security: Data object protection is achieved through the following:

    • Encryption in Transit: Secures data as it travels to and from the Object Storage using robust TLS 1.2/1.3 encryption protocol.

    • Server-Side Encryption: Protects stored data by encrypting it on the server side with IONOS S3 Object Storage managed keys (SSE-S3) and customer-managed keys (SSE-C) using AES256 encryption algorithm. The storage objects are decrypted automatically when downloaded.

    • S3 Features: IONOS S3 Object Storage secures your data in the storage pool through Versioning, Block Public Access, Object Lock, and Replication features.

    • Security Certification: The solution adheres to the ISO 27001 certificate based on IT-Grundschutz and complies with the European Union's (EU's) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


  • Large Data Volume: Data in the Object Storage are stored as objects, which include metadata and a unique identifier, making object retrieval easier for large volumes of unstructured data.

  • Cost-Effective Billing: A straightforward pay-as-you-go Pricing Model, eliminating upfront costs. You are charged solely based on storage utilization and outbound data transfer per gigabyte. Additionally, we do not impose charges for requests.

  • Highly Scalable: With Object Storage, you can start with small data storage and expand data storage as your application needs at any time, offering the utmost flexibility with data storage.

  • Georedundant Hosting: The objects and buckets in Object Storage are hosted on multiple data centers in different geographical locations, guaranteeing high availability and data durability even during primary site failures or outages.

  • Compliance Standards: IONOS S3 Object Storage infrastructure and processes comply with IT-Grundschutz, GDPR, and ISO-27001 standards, offering peak data protection and robust privacy policies.

  • Write Once Read Many (WORM): The Object Lock on the data stored in the Object Storage is protected and prevents the data from being erased or modified.

  • Data Protection: With access control lists and Object Lock features, multiple layers of data protection can be enforced on data objects and define permissions for who can access the data in the Object Storage. With advanced data encryption algorithms, secure data storage is achieved.

  • Lifecycle Management: With Object Storage Lifecycle rules, you can enforce the data deletion process for historical data and save the storage cost.

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