The IONOS Cloud Container Registry is a universal repository manager with a recommended service for storing and managing custom container images and other artifacts in IONOS Cloud. Deploying and pulling images can be done using the Docker CLI or added directly to a Kubernetes deployment.

IONOS Container Registry Architecture

The IONOS Cloud Container Registry provides users with a dedicated registry or multiple registries based on their contracts, allowing them to host their own Docker images without the need for an external provider (such as Docker Hub).

A container registry is created to store and share custom images in the same regions where you deploy them. Container Registry is a high-performance platform for storing custom image containers. It can be used as part of CI/CD workflows for container workloads.

You can order and manage the Container Registry through the API. The API will allow integration into the Data Center Designer (DCD).


The IONOS Cloud Container Registry allows you to manage compatible registries by offering the following:

  • An authenticated registry where OCI-compliant artifacts (including Docker container images) can be stored and retrieved.

  • Access via the Public Internet and secure by requiring authentication to view, push, or pull images. The Container Registry is maintained by IONOS Cloud on your behalf, which means that our experts will apply non-stop patches to the underlying infrastructure and Container Registry software.

  • All images stored in the container registry are encrypted at rest.

  • Each container registry can have many repositories.


The IONOS Cloud Container Registry specifications are as follows:


Docker Registry


Built-in CI/CD

The container registry supports the Docker Registry HTTP v2 API, allowing it to be integrated into an automated CI/CD pipeline.

Built-in OSS Vulnerability Scan


Container Registry Characteristics

Our platform is responsible for providing the operations required to facilitate the distribution of images.

  • The container registry is accessible from the public internet and maximally available (High availability setup) for pushing and pulling artifacts.

  • The service is managed, including any components on which it is built.

  • The container registry supports the Docker Registry HTTP API v2, which allows it to be integrated into an automated CI/CD pipeline.

  • It also supports authentication tokens for use by robot accounts to be able to integrate into an automated CI/CD pipeline. You can create a one-time token to allow the CI/CD pipeline to push a new image.

  • You can use the registry with Docker Registry HTTP API v2 compliant tools, e.g. Docker CLI.

  • It is possible to use the same credentials to access all registries and repositories in the same IONOS Cloud account that the user has access to.

  • All data in the registry will be encrypted at rest.

Regional availability

The IONOS Cloud Container Registry is available in the FRA region.

Benefits of Container Registry

The IONOS Container Registry offers the following benefits:

  • create a registry access token with limited or unlimited permissions

  • create a temporary registry access token with limited or unlimited permissions

  • support for docker tools

  • login to registry

  • push an image

  • pull an image

  • delete an image


For more information, see Private Container Registry.

Note: The network traffic is not charged.


There are the following few limitations when working with IONOS Container Registry APIs:

  • You cannot choose your encryption keys (Trust-No-One) when encrypting data at rest; the Container Registry platform manages the keys.

  • It is not possible to grant repository access permissions to push, pull, or delete from a specific repository.

  • Any unauthenticated user will not be able to access the registry contents.

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