Connect via Remote Console

The Remote Console is used to connect to a server when, for example, no SSH is available. You must have the root or administrator password for this type of log-in to the server.

Prerequisites: Make sure you have the appropriate permissions. Only contract owners, administrators, or users with access rights to the data center can connect to a server. Other user types have read-only access and can't provision changes.


  1. Start the Remote Console from the server.

  2. Open the data center containing the required server.

  3. In the Workspace, select the server.

  4. In the Inspector, choose Remote Console or select Remote Console from the context menu of the server.

  5. Start the Remote Console from the Start Center (contract owners and administrators only).

  6. Open the Start Center: Menu Bar > Data Center Designer > Open Start Center

  7. Open the Details of the required data center. A list of servers in this data center is displayed.

  8. Select the server and click Open Remote Console.

Remote Console version matching your browser opens; you can now log on to the server with root or administrator password.

Use the Send Key Combo button on the top right of the Remote Console window to send shortcut key combinations (such as CTRL+ALT+DEL).

Launch this Remote Console window again with one click by bookmarking its URL address in your browser.

For security reasons, once your session is over, always close the browser used to connect to VM with this bookmark.

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