API How-Tos

The Logging Service offers regional APIs that enable programmatic interaction with the platform. These APIs serve various purposes: task automation, system integration, and platform functionality extension. Additionally, the APIs allow you to filter logs based on different criteria, such as the date range, log level, and source.

Sub-user access control

A sub-user is a user who has access to the Logging Service but is not an administrator or an owner. IONOS's crucial access control restriction does not allow sub-users to view or modify pipelines belonging to other sub-user accounts, except the primary administrator, who retains full cross-pipeline privileges. Ensure that the sub-user pipeline ownership and access permissions align with your organizational needs.

If a sub-user account creates a pipeline, access is restricted only to that sub-user and the primary administrator. Other sub-users cannot access or perform CRUD operations on the respective pipeline. For example, if sub-user A creates Pipeline 1, only sub-user A and the primary administrator account can view, edit, delete, or manage Pipeline 1. No other sub-user accounts will have access to it.

Regional REST API endpoint

A regional endpoint is necessary to interact with the Logging Service REST API endpoints. Currently, IONOS supports only the following regions for the Logging Service:

  • Berlin: https://logging.de-txl.ionos.com/pipelines

  • Frankfurt: https://logging.de-fra.ionos.com/pipelines

  • London: https://logging.gb-lhr.ionos.com/pipelines

  • Paris: https://logging.fr-par.ionos.com/pipelines

  • Logroño: https://logging.es-vit.ionos.com/pipelines

Note: We recommend using the authorized IP addresses associated with each endpoint if you need to configure firewall rules to restrict traffic sent to the Logging Service endpoints. It enables you to configure rules accordingly to ensure traffic is redirected only through authorized IP addresses for each endpoint. For more information about the authorized IP addresses, see FAQs.

Request parameter headers

To interact with the Logging Service REST API endpoints, the header must contain the following values:





A Bearer $TOKEN is a string that is tied to your account. For information on generating tokens, see Create New Tokens.




Set this to application/json.

Here are some of the most common API How-Tos for the Logging Service:

Create an instance of a logging pipeline.

Obtain a new key for a logging pipeline.

Update an existing logging pipeline.

Retrieve information about a specific logging pipeline.

Delete a specific logging pipeline.

Customize the retention policy for each log stream.

Use the pre-configured IONOS Telemetry API datasource to query metrics from the IONOS Cloud Telemetry API.

We recommend you refer to the following after creating an instance via the API:

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