Set User Privileges via the DCD

Cloud DNS has a new group privilege called Access and manage DNS. The privilege must be enabled for a group so that the group members inherit this privilege through group privilege settings. Once the privilege is granted, contract users can view the Cloud DNS API.

Prerequisite: Make sure you have one or more Groups in the User Manager. To create one, see Create a group.

To set user privileges to manage DNS zones and records, follow these steps:

  1. In the DCD, open Management > Users & Groups under Users.

  2. Select the Groups tab in the User Manager window.

  3. Select the target group name from the Groups list.

  4. Select the Access and manage DNS checkbox in the Privileges tab.

Result: The Access and manage DNS privilege is granted to all the members in the selected group.

Revoke user privileges

You can revoke a user's Access and manage DNS privilege by removing the user from all the groups that have this privilege enabled.

Warning: You can revoke a user from this privilege by disabling Access and manage DNS for every group the user belongs to. In this case, all the members in the respective groups would also be revoked from this privilege.

To revoke this privilege from a contract administrator, disable the administrator option on the user account. On performing this action, the contract administrator gets the role of a contract user, and the privileges that were set up for the user before being an administrator will then be in effect.

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