What are Cubes?

For a long time, the duopoly of virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated cloud servers dominated virtualized computing environments.

Enter Cubes — virtual private service instances — the next generation of IaaS. Developed by IONOS Cloud, Cubes are ideal for specific workloads that do not require high compute performance from all resources at all times — development and testing environments, website hosting, simple web applications, and so on.

While based on shared resources, the Cubes can rival physical servers through a platform design that can redistribute available performance capacities among individual instances. At the same time, reduced operational complexity and highly optimized resource utilization translate into lower operating costs.

Cubes instances come complete with vCPUs, RAM, and direct-attached NVMe storage volumes; choose among standard configurations by selecting one of several templates for your Cubes. Storage capacities can be expanded further by adding network block storage units to your Cubes.

Cubes instances can be used together with all enterprise-grade features, resources, and services, offered by IONOS Cloud.

Affordable, quickly available, and with everything you need — have your Cubes up and running in minutes in the IONOS Cloud.

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