November 2023 Releases

What's new

November 28

Application Load Balancers (ALB) and Network Load Balancers (NLB) now support Proxy Protocol versions to send additional connection information, such as the source and destination. The Targets associated with your ALB and NLB can now be configured to accept incoming traffic using the Proxy Protocol.

November 23

Information on security advisory for CVE-2023-23583, also known as Escalation of privilege for some Intel processors vulnerability, is available on the documentation portal. This vulnerability is based on an unexpected behavior for some Intel(R) processors that may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable escalation of privilege and information disclosure or denial of service via local access.

November 15

Logging Service is now in the General Availability (GA) phase. You can create logging pipeline instances on the available locations to gather logs from multiple sources. You may also programmatically manage your logging pipelines via the API. To learn more about what changed during the transition from the Early Access (EA) phase to the GA phase, see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Documentation updates

November 13

Cross Connect is now available as an Early Access (EA) feature on a restricted early access basis. To access this feature, please contact your sales representative or customer support. With the enhanced feature, you can connect multiple Virtual Data Centers (VDCs) seamlessly in the same region and under the same contract. Connections can be established via a private LAN only, thus enabling consistent and reliable data transfer and ensuring seamless connections, reduced latency, and minimized addressing discrepancies. Cross Connects are flexible, meaning you can easily modify the existing setup by effortlessly adding or deleting existing data centers or modifying the associated data centers.

November 2

Information on security advisory for CVE-2023-34048, also known as vCenter Server out-of-bounds write vulnerability is available on the documentation portal. This vulnerability allows an attacker with network access to trigger an out-of-bounds write that can lead to remote code execution.

November 1

Information on security advisory for CVE-2023-20569, also known as Return Form Procedure (RET) Speculation or Inception is available on the documentation portal. This vulnerability is reported by AMD as a sensitive information disclosure due to speculative side-channel attacks.

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