Grafana Integration

Grafana is an open source platform for data visualization, monitoring and analysis. You may integrate this software with the Monitoring as a Service for more convenient use.

  1. Go to the API reference

  2. Install grafana

  3. Generate the first token

  4. curl -uusername:password or -n if you use netrc

  5. It is also possible to query the metrics using curl:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}"

Add data source to Grafana

  • Login to Grafana

  • Configuration (on the left side)

  • Data source

Data source


Custom HTTP Headers

Header: Authorization Value: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJK....


Save & Test

  • Go to Explore (on the left side)

  • Choose the new Data source

  • In the Metrics Browser, write instance

  • Choose one of the metrics

  • Run query

You can query on these metrics now:

series whitelist:

- instance_cpu_utilization_average

- instance_network_in_packets

- instance_network_out_bytes

- instance_network_in_bytes

- instance_network_out_packets

- instance_volumes_read_bytes

- instance_volumes_write_bytes

- instance_volumes_read_ops

- instance_volumes_write_ops

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