Restore a MongoDB Cluster

You can restore a MongoDB cluster by using a snapshot reference. A cluster can have multiple snapshots for backup and are retained for seven days; hence, cluster recovery is possible for up to a week from the current date. For more information, see Backup and Recovery.

MongoDB database cluster backups are available only in the following editions: MongoDB Business and MongoDB Enterprise.

Note: Backups are disabled for the Playground edition.

Restore a Cluster

Note: All the available MongoDB clusters that are part of your contract are listed under the MongoDB Clusters section on the Databases page.

1. In the Data Center Designer, click Menu > Databases > Postgres & MongoDB.

2. In the Databases window, under the MongoDB Clusters section, click the database cluster that is added for the Business edition.

3. In the Snapshots section, choose the snapshot you want to use for restoring the database cluster from the list of available snapshots.

Note: Each snapshot displays the following details:

  • Version: The MongoDB version number of the database cluster.

  • Created: A date and time when the database snapshot was created. For more information on instances when the snapshots are added, see Backups.

  • Size: Snapshot database cluster size (in MB).

4. Click Restore on the snapshot selected for restoring the data in the cluster.

5. Confirm the database restore from the snapshot by entering your password and clicking Yes, I'm sure.

Result: The database restore from the selected snapshot is successfully initiated.


  • The operation of database restore from the snapshot cannot be undone once confirmed. For more information, see Backup and Recovery.

  • You cannot initiate a new database restore of a cluster from a snapshot when a restore is already in progress.

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