Manage User Access

This tutorial guides you through creating and managing Users, User Groups, and Resources in the Virtual Data Center (VDC).

Prerequisites: Make sure you have the appropriate privileges. Only contract administrators and owners can manage users within a VDC.

User access control

A new VDC in the Data Center Designer (DCD) is manageable by contract owners. To assign resource management capabilities to other members in VDC, you can add users and groups and grant them appropriate privileges to work with the data center resources.

Create a user

The User Manager lets you create new users, add them to user groups, and assign privileges to each group. Privileges either limit or increase your access based on the user role. The User Manager lets you control user access to specific areas of your VDC.

  1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Management > Users & Groups.

  1. Select + Create in the Users tab.

  2. Enter the user's First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password.

Note: The email address of the new user must be unique.

  1. Select Create to confirm.

Result: A user is successfully created and listed in the Users list.

Create a group

The creation of groups is useful when you need to assign specific duties to the members of a group. You can create a group and add members to this group. You can then assign privileges to the entire group.

  1. In the Groups tab, select + Create.

  2. Enter a Group Name.

  3. Select Create to confirm.

Result: The group is now created and visible in the Groups list. You can now assign permissions, users, and resources to your group.

Assign privileges to a group

  1. In the Groups tab, select a group from the Groups list.

  2. In the Privileges tab, select checkboxes next to the privilege name.

Note: You do not need to save your selections. This action automatically grants or removes privileges.

Result: The group has the required privileges now.

Note: To remove the privileges for a group, clear the checkbox next to the privilege name.

Add users to a group

Users are added to your new group on an individual basis. Once you have created a new member, you must assign them to the group.

  1. In the Groups tab, select the required group.

  2. In the Members tab, add users from the + Add User drop-down list.

Result: The users are now assigned to the group. These users have privileges and access rights to the resources corresponding to their group.

Benefits of user group assignment

When assigning a user to a group, whether you are a contract owner or an administrator, you can:

Note: Administrators do not need to be managed in groups, as they automatically have access to all resources associated with the contract.

Add group to a resource

  1. In the Resources tab, select a resource from the drop-down list.

  2. In the Visible to Groups tab, click + Add Group.

  3. Select a group from the drop-down list.

Result: This group can now access the allocated resource.

Assign resources to a group

  1. In the Groups tab, select the required group.

  2. Select the Resources of Group tab.

  3. Click + Grant Access and select the resource to be assigned to the group from the drop-down list.

Result: The group now has the newly assigned resources. You have enabled read access for the selected resource.

Enable or disable access for a resource

  • To enable access, select the Edit or Share checkbox for a resource.

  • To disable access, select the required resource. Clear either the Edit or Share checkboxes. You can also directly click Revoke Access.

Remove a user from the group

Users can be removed from your group on an individual basis.

  1. Select the Members tab.

  2. Click Remove User.

Result: This user is now removed from the group.

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