September 2023 Releases

What's new

September 20

IONOS offers the New S3 Web Console (Beta), an enhanced version of the existing S3 Web Console, providing improved user experience and performance, intuitive design, and faster responsiveness while having the same feature set as the existing S3 Web Console. Currently, the feature is in the Beta phase and is available by default to all new and existing users. You are encouraged to try out the new S3 Web Console. This new application console does not impact the functionality of the existing S3 Web Console.

September 4

The Cloud DNS is now in General Availability (GA) phase. You can publish DNS zones of your domains and subdomains on public Name Servers using Cloud DNS. With the Cloud DNS API, you can create DNS zones and DNS records, import and export DNS zones, secure your DNS zones with DNSSEC and create secondary zones. Additionally, you can also set up ExternalDNS for your Managed Kubernetes with Cloud DNS.

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