Product Renaming FAQs

The following are a few FAQs to provide an insight about renaming the product from Virtual Server(s) to Dedicated Core Server(s).

What is the reason for renaming "Virtual Servers" to "Dedicated Core Servers"?

The name change is part of our ongoing efforts to better reflect the performance and benefits of our Virtual Machines. "Dedicated Core Servers" emphasizes the dedicated nature of the compute resources assigned to each instance, ensuring consistent performance and increased reliability.

Will there be any changes in the features or specifications of the product with this name update?

No, there won't be any changes in the features or specifications of the product. The only update is the product name from "Virtual Servers" to "Dedicated Core Servers".

What is the difference between "Virtual Servers" and "Dedicated Core Servers"?

The underlying technology and capabilities of the Virtual Machines remain the same. The primary difference lies in the name. With "Dedicated Core Servers," you can still expect virtualized environments but with the added emphasis on dedicated resources per instance.

Will the pricing change with this new name?

There will be no changes to the pricing structure due to the name update. The costs and billing for our Virtual Machines, now known as "Dedicated Core Servers," will remain the same as they were for "Virtual Servers."

Are "Dedicated Core Server" instances isolated from each other?

Yes, "Dedicated Core Server" instances are isolated from one another. Each instance operates independently, with dedicated CPU cores, memory, and storage, ensuring a high level of performance and security.

How will this name change affect existing users of "Virtual Servers"?

Existing users of "Virtual Servers" will experience no functional changes or disruptions due to the name update. Your current virtual server instances will be referred to as "Dedicated Core Server" instances from now on.

Can I still use the same APIs and tools to manage Dedicated Core Servers?

Yes, you can continue to use the same APIs and tools that were used to manage regular virtual servers for the newly renamed Dedicated Core Servers.

Are there any actions I need to take as a user after this renaming?

No, as a user, you do not need to take any action. The name change is purely cosmetic, and your existing configurations and access to your instances will remain unchanged.

Will there be any updates to the user interface or API documentation as a result of this name change?

Yes, we will update the user interface and API documentation to reflect the new name "Dedicated Core Servers". Rest assured, the changes will be cosmetic, and the functionality will remain consistent.

Can I still create and manage multiple "Dedicated Core Servers" instances under my account?

Absolutely! You can continue to create and manage multiple "Dedicated Core Server" instances as per your requirements, just as you did with "Virtual Servers."

Where can I find more information or support regarding "Dedicated Core Server" instances?

For more information or support, you can refer to our documentation on the "Dedicated Core Server" product page on our documentation portal. Additionally, our customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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