API How-Tos

A list of prerequisites to assure success with MariaDB creation.

Learn to create a MariaDB cluster.

Learn to verify the status of a MariaDB cluster.

Learn how to connect to MariaDB from your managed Kubernetes cluster.

Learn how to list the MariaDB clusters.

Learn how to fetch a specific MariaDB cluster.

Learn how to delete a specific MariaDB cluster.

Learn how to retrieve a list of backups for all MariaDB clusters.

Learn how to retrieve a specific backup of a MariaDB cluster.

Learn how to retrieve all backups of a specific MariaDB cluster.

Learn how to create a MariaDB cluster from an existing backup.

Learn how to restore a MariaDB cluster from a backup.


A regional endpoint is necessary to interact with the MariaDB REST API endpoints. For more information, see the API specification file.

IONOS supports the following endpoints for various locations:

  • Berlin, Germany: https://mariadb.de-txl.ionos.com/clusters.

  • Frankfurt, Germany: https://mariadb.de-fra.ionos.com/clusters

  • Logroño, Spain: https://mariadb.es-vit.ionos.com/clusters

  • London, Great Britain: https://mariadb.gb-lhr.ionos.com/clusters

  • Newark, United States: https://mariadb.us-ewr.ionos.com/clusters

  • Las Vegas, United States: https://mariadb.us-las.ionos.com/clusters

  • Lenexa, United States: https://mariadb.us-mci.ionos.com/clusters

  • Paris, France: https://mariadb.fr-par.ionos.com/clusters

Request parameter headers

To make authenticated requests to the API, the following fields are mandatory in the request headers:





HTTP Basic authorization. A base64 encoded string of a username and password separated by a colon. username@domain.tld:password




Users with more than one contract may apply this header to indicate the applicable contract.




Set this to application/json.


The documentation contains curl examples, as the tool is available on Windows 10, Linux, and macOS. You can also refer to the following blog posts on the IONOS website that describe how to execute curl in Linux and Windows systems if you encounter any problems.

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