April 2024 Releases

April 10

Starting in May, our Backup Service servers will use an additional IP subnet: We recommend you update the configured firewall rules in advance so that the firewall does not restrict backup agent access and allows the backup agents to communicate effectively. For more information, see FAQs.

April 5

Information on security advisory for CVE-2024-3094 is available on the documentation portal. The vulnerability enables remote system breaches via SSH, and immediate action is required to resolve it.

Documentation updates

April 2

We are thrilled to announce the release of our revamped documentation portal landing page. The enhancement includes significant improvements to the design outlook and website navigation to streamline the user experience and to make accessing information more accessible and more efficient.

Card-based Design: Visually appealing card layouts provide users with concise information and an easier way to engage with the documentation portal.

Website Navigation: Find the specific product documentation easily with a familiar navigational structure that rearranges the products in the Product User Guides in an alphabetical sequence.

For more information, see Documentation Portal Announcements.

April 2

To reinforce consistency in the product category and product names across IONOS website and documentation portal, the following changes are made effectively:

— The product categories are renamed, added, and removed.

— Some of the product names in our documentation portal are renamed and reorganized into product categories in a way that it improves easy discoverability of documentation.

For more information, see Documentation Portal Announcements.

Note: The product renaming does not have any impact on its services and functionality. Incorporation of the updated product names across our documentation pages is an ongoing development, and we will be rolling out this update in phases.

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