View the list of MariaDB Clusters

After creation, you can view the list of MariaDB clusters and delete them if they are no longer required.

To view a list of the clusters, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the DCD with your username and password.

  2. Go to Menu > Databases > MariaDB.

Result: A list of all MariaDB clusters is displayed. You will see the following details:

  • NAME: Displays the name of the cluster.

    • STATE: Displays the state of the respective MariaDB cluster.

      • BUSY: When the cluster is in the creation mode or it is being updated.

      • AVAILABLE: When the cluster is available and healthy.

      • DESTROYING: When the cluster is being deleted.

      • FAILED: An error occurred.

    • LOCATION: Displays the location where the MariaDB cluster is located.

    • INSTANCES: Displays the number of nodes.

    • VERSION: The version is set to 10.6 by default.

      • Details: Select Details: to view the details of the respective cluster.

      • Delete: Select Delete to delete the corresponding cluster. In the dialog box that appears, select Delete to confirm deletion. For more information, see Delete a MariaDB Cluster.

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