Working with MariaDB

IONOS Cloud does not allow superuser access to MariaDB services. However, most DBA-type actions are still available through other methods.

DBaaS services offered by IONOS Cloud

All back-end tasks necessary to keep your database operating at peak efficiency are handled by our platform. You can perform the following:

  • Database installation via the DCD or the DBaaS API.

  • Pre-set database configuration and configuration management options.

  • Automated backups for seven days.

  • Regular patches and upgrades during maintenance.

  • Disaster recovery via automated backup.

  • Service monitoring both for the database and the underlying infrastructure.

Database administration

Tasks related to the optimal health of the database remain your responsibility. These include:

  • Optimization

  • Organizing data

  • Creating of indexes

  • Updating statistics

  • Consultation of access plans to optimize queries

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