Garbage Collection Settings

Each Container Registry has an option to configure the Garbage Collection schedule. By default, Garbage Collection is disabled because each customer should choose a schedule based on their needs.

Note: The container registry is read-only during the Garbage Collection to perform a complete analysis without changing the repositories.

Configure garbage collection

Garbage Collection frees up storage space for layer data that are no longer referenced. It optimizes the volume of storage needed for each Container Registry and is necessary if all your artifacts use the same base operating system. Each layer can be referenced by more than one artifact. Hence, Garbage Collection ensures that other artifacts do not reference the layers before deletion.

The duration of the Garbage Collection will increase based on the volume of deleted repositories or tags and the total number of repositories and tags to be checked.

Note: Container Registries cannot immediately reduce storage usage when deleting artifacts or repositories.

Garbage Collection ensures the registry maintains data integrity while periodically cleaning up unused storage to optimize resource utilization.

1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Containers > Container Registry.

2. In the Container Registry Manager, select the Container Registry you want to configure.

3. Click > on the right of the Garbage Collection schedule in the Properties section.

4. Select the Day(s) and Time(UTC) to run the Garbage Collection on a weekly basis and click Update Schedule.

Note: You can configure it via the API for more granular and customized control over the Garbage Collection schedule.

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