Deprecation of Basic Authentication

Starting from March 15, 2024, authorization via Basic Auth will be discontinued for the users with 2-Factor Authentication enabled.
For users:
  • With 2-Factor Authentication disabled for their accounts, we will continue to support Basic Authentication till the end of 2024. We highly recommend to enable 2FA to improve the user security.
  • With 2-Factor Authentication enabled on their accounts, we recommend requesting token authorization through the Token Manager in the Data Center Designer (DCD). The Token Manager allows users to create, list, and delete tokens based on the defined Time To Live (TTL). For more information, see Authentication token attributes. This transition ensures a secure and hassle-free authorization process for enhanced account security.

What is changing?

User accounts can authenticate to IONOS' APIs and SDKs only by generating authentication tokens via API/SDK Authentication Token Manager in the DCD if they:
  • have started the process of configuring 2FA on their account.
  • have completed the 2FA process on their account.
  • have a 2FA process obligated by the contract owner or administrator.
For more information, see Manage Authentication Tokens.
This change affects the other API actions in the following ways:
  • IONOS' APIs and SDKs support users to authenticate using the Basic Authentication support for non-2FA enabled and forced accounts, which will be available till this year's end.
  • For 2FA enabled and forced users, once the TTL expires, the tokens cannot be refreshed automatically. You need to generate a new authentication token via DCD.

When is this change coming into action?

Effective March 15, 2024, the Basic Authentication will not be supported for user accounts with 2FA enabled or forced, and only tokens generated from the Token Manager authenticate users to use the IONOS' APIs and SDKs. This update to APIs and SDKs authentication methods and token management is aimed at enhancing user security.
The new API/SDK Authentication Token Manager is available from February 1, 2024. For more information, see Manage Authentication Tokens.
Impacted users are encouraged to try out generating authentication tokens via API/SDK Authentication Token Manager and familiarize themselves with the new authorization method and token generation. This transition ensures a more secure and hassle-free user experience.

Why should you switch to 2FA?

You are encouraged to activate 2FA to ensure secure access to your infrastructure. The APIs/ SDKs will support account security by working with tokens that can only be retrieved from the Authentication Token Manager.

Impacted users

All user accounts with currently 2FA enabled or forced are impacted by the Basic Authentication deprecation. New users and existing users opting for the 2FA going forward will also be impacted by this change.

Required user action

The significant changes to IONOS APIs and SDKs authentication methods and token management require impacted users with 2FA enabled or forced to take the following mandatory actions:
  • To get started with generating authorization tokens using the API/SDK Authentication Token Manager that is available in the DCD starting February 1, 2024.
  • Effective March 15, 2024, only these tokens let users authenticate and use the IONOS' APIs and SDKs. The Token Manager allows you to create, list, and delete tokens. For more information, see Generate authentication token.