Create a Folder

1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Storage > IONOS S3 Object Storage.

2. From the Buckets list, choose the bucket in which the folder must be created.

3. Click Create a folder which opens an overlay screen.

4. Enter a name in the Prefix field. The prefix must contain only alphanumeric characters, dashes and hyphens.

5. Click Create to continue with folder creation.

Result: The folder is successfully created in the selected bucket.


  • A folder once created, cannot be renamed.

  • Objects that have already been uploaded cannot be moved to a different folder.

Next steps:

  • Create subfolders within a folder by following the steps in Create a folder.

  • Upload objects to a folder and subfolders.

  • Search for folders and objects within folders using the Search by Prefix option within a bucket.

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