IONOS DBaaS for MariaDB is fully integrated into the Data Center Designer and has a dedicated API. You may also launch it via automation tools like Ansible and Terraform.

MariaDB is a reliable, scalable, and secure Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). IONOS DBaaS assures the configured database is automatically provisioned, thus saving time and ensuring your business runs smoothly without disruption. DBaaS gives you access to the capabilities of the MariaDB database engine, ensuring you can use the same code, applications, and tools you already use in your existing databases with DBaaS.

You can order a cluster of multiple redundant nodes with automatic failover for high availability. For more information, see High Availability and Scaling.

The IONOS DBaaS for MariaDB automatically creates and stores backups of your MariaDB content regularly, which is capable of a point-in-time restore. Backups happen automatically to reduce your workload further and ensure that you can swiftly resume operations in the event of a failure.

It is mandatory to specify a periodic maintenance time window for regular maintenance. During the maintenance time window, you may encounter a short, occasional downtime, typically caused by restarting the MariaDB or switching to another replica.

The illustration shows how MariaDB can be created and managed using IONOS DBaaS.

As shown in the illustration, you can order and manage a MariaDB database cluster using the DCD or the corresponding API. Simultaneously, you can choose the LAN, the VDC, and the IP address on which the MariaDB should be available. The IONOS Cloud DBaaS Backend provisions the MariaDB cluster according to your request. The primary instance of the MariaDB cluster will be available on your LAN within the VDC and on the chosen IP address after provisioning.

Supported MariaDB Versions

IONOS Cloud supports "MariaDB Long-Term Support (LTS) versions" (example: 10.6, 10.11), starting from MariaDB 10.6.

The IONOS Cloud DBaaS takes care of minor version upgrades during maintenance windows, for example, from 10.11.6 to 10.11.7. For more information, see Upgrade and Maintenance.


Currently, MariaDB for IONOS DBaaS is only available in Berlin.


A MariaDB cluster comes with an x509 certificate for Transport Layer Security (TLS). You can enforce this transport encryption with the client option --ssl-verify-server-cert.

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