What is Cross Connect?

Cross Connect is a feature designed to connect multiple VDCs in the same region and contract using a private LAN. With Cross Connect, you can ensure safe data passage between the VDCs, reduce latency and improve performance compared to public connectivity.

What are the benefits of Cross Connect?

Cross Connects are reliable and resistant to network congestion as the data transfers quickly between the connected VDCs. In addition, it facilitates resource sharing between the connected VDCs, reducing the cost of redundant virtual infrastructure setups. For additional benefits offered by Cross Connect, see Overview.

Can I connect VDCs across regions via Cross Connect?

No, currently Cross Connect enables you to connect VDCs within a region. For example, you can connect multiple VDCs in Berlin, but you cannot connect a VDC that is in Frankfurt. Note that the NICs of the VDCs must belong to the same IP address range.

Can I upgrade my existing Cross Connect to the latest version?

Yes, you can upgrade your existing Cross Connect to the latest version. For more information, see Upgrade Cross Connect to the latest version.

Why should I upgrade my Cross Connect?

The upgraded version of the feature allows you to connect all VDCs within the same region. Also, the previous version of the product will be deprecated in the future. Hence, we recommend that you upgrade the existing version of your Cross Connect to its latest version. For more information about upgrading the feature, see Upgrade Cross Connect to the latest version.

Is the price for the upgraded version different from the previous version?

No, both versions are free to use and do not incur any additional costs.

Does Cross Connect support SDKs?

Yes, Cross Connect supports all the SDKs listed in the Compute Engine SDKs section of Developer Reference.

Do you have a list of cloud tools that Cross Connect supports?

Cross Connect supports the following cloud tools:

What is the supported bandwidth?

Cross Connect provides a network bandwidth comparable to normal private Network Interface Cards (NICs).

What are the current limitations of Cross Connect?

Cross Connect has its own set of limitations. For more information, see Limitations of Cross Connect.

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