Resource Usage

Calculate disk requirements

The requested disk space stores all the data that MariaDB is working with, including database logs and binary log files. Each MariaDB instance contains storage of the configured size. IONOS manages and stores the applications and operating system independently from the configured storage.

MariaDB rejects further write requests if the disk exceeds the storage limit. Ensure that you order enough storage to keep the MariaDB cluster operational. You can monitor the storage utilization in the DCD.

You can also verify if the tables are oversized. For more information, refer to the MariaDB Documentation. Bloated tables can consume space, so we recommend diagnosing the cause and reclaiming the free space. For more information, see Diagnose Table Bloating.

Log files

Database log files and binary log files are stored on the same disk as the database. DBaaS deletes older log files automatically with the expire_logs_days in a typical operation mode. The older files are deleted after a retention period of seven days. For more information, refer to the MariaDB Documentation.

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