Update a Node Pool

You can update Public and Private Node Pools with the Kubernetes Manager in DCD.

To update a node pool, follow these steps:

  1. Select a cluster from the list and go to the Node pools in Cluster tab.

  2. Select the Kubernetes Version you want to run in the cluster from the drop-down list.

  3. Select the number of nodes in the Node Count.

  4. Select the checkbox to enable Autoscale and provide a minimum and maximum number of the total nodes.

  5. Select + next to the Labels field. Provide a Name and Value for your label.

  6. Select + next to the Annotations field. Provide a Name and Value for your annotation.

  7. Select + next to the Reserved IPs field and choose an IP address from the drop-down list.

  8. Select + next to the Attached private LANs field and choose a private LAN from the drop-down list.

  9. Select the Maintenance day and Maintenance time (UTC) for your maintenance window. The necessary maintenance for Managed Kubernetes will be performed accordingly.

  10. Select Update node pool.

Managed Kubernetes will start to align the resources in the target data center. In case you have selected a new version for Kubernetes, the operation may take a while, and the node pool will be available for further changes once it reaches the Active state.

Result: A node pool is successfully updated.


  • Avoid accessing the target data center while Managed Kubernetes is provisioning nodes, as concurrent manual interaction can cause undesirable results.

  • The maintenance window starts at the time of your choice and remains open for the next four hours. All planned maintenance work will be performed within this window, but not necessarily at the beginning.

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