Delete a MariaDB Cluster

You can delete a MariaDB cluster using its UUID. It is found in the response body when a MariaDB cluster is created or when you GET a list of MariaDB clusters.

Note: Remember to update your UUID. The sample UUID in the example is 498ae72f-411f-11eb-9d07-046c59cc737e.


To delete a MariaDB cluster, you need the id from your create response.

curl -X 'DELETE' \
  '' \
  -H 'accept: application/json'


202 Successful operation

"type": "cluster",
"id": "498ae72f-411f-11eb-9d07-046c59cc737e",
"metadata": {
  "createdDate": "2020-12-10T13:37:50+01:00",
  "createdBy": "",
  "createdByUserId": "87f9a82e-b28d-49ed-9d04-fba2c0459cd3",
  "lastModifiedDate": "2020-12-11T13:37:50+01:00",
  "lastModifiedBy": "",
  "lastModifiedByUserId": "87f9a82e-b28d-49ed-9d04-fba2c0459cd3",
  "state": "DESTROYING"
"properties": {
  "displayName": "MariaDB cluster",
  "mariadbVersion": "10.6",
  "dnsName": "",
  "instances": 2,
  "ram": 2,
  "cores": 4,
  "storageSize": 10,
  "connections": [
      "datacenterId": "5a029f4a-72e5-11ec-90d6-0242ac120003",
      "lanId": "2",
      "cidr": ""
  "maintenanceWindow": {
    "time": "16:30:59",
    "dayOfTheWeek": "Monday"

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