Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Images

IONOS is a certified partner of Red Hat and is entitled to offer and operate Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) within the IONOS public cloud.

Compatible versions

Currently, the entitlement is valid for RHEL 8 and RHEL 9 public images that IONOS provides.

Red Hat subscription

Currently, IONOS does not provide any Bring-Your-Own-Subscription (BYOS) option for subscription-based operating systems like Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You still need an IONOS subscription if you want to use your images. IONOS will charge you each time a Virtual Machine (VM) boots from the private RHEL image. For more information about the charges, see Block Storage FAQs.

Please ensure not to subscribe to or unsubscribe from sources of third-party subscription services to avoid duplicate charges for your Red Hat VM deployment. The subscription fee also includes access to the IONOS Red Hat Update Infrastructure (RHUI) instance.

IONOS Red Hat Update Infrastructure (RHUI)

IONOS operates its own instance of a Red Hat Update Infrastructure (RHUI). It is accessible by all public IONOS IP addresses. IONOS public RHEL images are preconfigured to access the IONOS RHUI setup as long as the VM has access to the internet.

With the entitlement, RHUI enables IONOS to provide the following services to end-users with an RHEL deployment:

  • Mirror repositories hosted by Red Hat.

  • Provide repositories with custom content supplied by IONOS.

  • Publish content to VMs running RHEL workloads.

Select an RHEL image

An RHEL image supplied by IONOS can be selected and configured like any other Linux-based public image. You can define the root password and specify SSH keys during provisioning. For more information about how to use RHEL images for your Block Storage, see Set Up a Block Storage.

Access internet

You can access the internet using one of the following options when the VM contains a network interface:

  • that is connected to a public LAN. The network interface has a public IP address. If you have a firewall configured, you may need to allow access to the subscription endpoint and service port.

  • that is connected to a private LAN which is capable of accessing a Managed NAT Gateway. The NAT Gateway must be configured to access the public internet endpoint of the subscription service.

  • that is connected to a private LAN containing other VMs that could act as a proxy to the public internet. Connectivity must be configured manually via the routing settings within the VM.

Access information for the IONOS RHUI service

This section is in creation and IONOS apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact the IONOS Cloud Support for any information.

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