Working with Object Storage

IONOS S3 Object Storage provides a range of access options, including a web console, desktop applications, CLI tools, and an option to develop your application using API and SDKs.

Web console

In the DCD, go to Menu > Storage > IONOS S3 Object Storage to access IONOS S3 Object Storage via the web console. Here you can manage buckets, and objects, set access controls, and much more. To set up Object Storage, see Enable Object Storage access.

S3 Tools

The Object Storage is fully compatible with S3, using which users can establish seamless integration of Object Storage with existing S3-compatible tools. A few of the popular GUI tools are Postman, Cyberduck, and S3 Browser; and CLI tools are AWS CLI, S3cmd, and rclone. For more information, see S3 Tools.

API and SDKs

Being S3 compatible means you can use standard S3 API calls and SDKs with our storage solution. For more information, see IONOS S3 Object Storage API Reference.

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