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The Account Management panel is accessed by clicking on your name and email address. Here you can perform key administrative tasks related to your account and contract. Only Contract Owners have complete access. Consult access levels by user Role:
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Contract Owner

My Settings

You can set default values for future VDCs. Each time you open a new VDC, DCD will place your resources in the preset location, assigning them the same number of cores, memory size, storage capacity, and reserved IP addresses. For example, you can specify that all new VDCs must be located in Karlsruhe, or that all processors will use the Intel architecture.
1. Go to Account Management > My Settings.
2. In the My Settings panel, set default values for Session, Data Center, Server, and Storage.
My Settings lets you set defaults for any infrastructure created in subsequent data centers
Your new values are valid immediately. You may undo your changes by clicking on Reset or the Reset All button.

Password & Security

Your IONOS Cloud account comes with a number of security features to protect you from unauthorized access:

Changing your password

You define the password for your IONOS account yourself during the registration process. Your password must contain at least eight characters and a mixture of upper and lowercase letters and special characters.
1. Go to Account Management > Password & Security > Change Password.
2. Enter your Current Password and the New Password twice. Click Change Password.
The password is changed and becomes effective with the next login.
Forgot your password? Click here to reset it.

2-Factor Authentication

In addition to log-in credentials, this authentication method also requires an app-generated security code. Once 2-Factor Authentication has been activated, you can only access your account by receiving this code from the Google Authenticator App. This method can be extended to hide specific data centers and snapshots from users, even if they belong to an authorized group. This feature is only available in DCD.
Prerequisites: The Google Authenticator App is compatible with all Android or iOS mobile devices. You can install it on your device, free of charge, from the Google Play Store or from Apple iTunes. The app must be able to access your camera and the time on the mobile device needs to be set automatically.
Activate for your own account
Activate for another user account
Users can turn on 2-Factor Authentication for their own accounts. Make sure it is not already activated by a Contract Owner or Administrator.
1. Go to Account Management > Password & Security.
2. Check the box: Enable 2-Factor Authentication. The Set Up Assistant will open.
Enable 2-Factor Authentication from the Password & Security tab of the Account Settings
3. Proceed through each step by clicking Next.
  • Install the Google Authenticator app;
  • Scan the QR code using the app;
  • Enter the Security Token;
  • Confirm.
2-Factor Authentication is now on. You will need to provide a security code next time you log in.
4. To deactivate, return to Account Management > Security.
5. Uncheck the box: Enable 2-Factor Authentication. The setting is effective upon the next login.
Contract owners or administrators can turn on 2-Factor Authentication for other user accounts in order to maintain heightened security.
1. Go to Menu Bar > Manager Resources > User Manager.
2. Select the required user.
3. In Meta Data, check the box: Force 2-Factor Auth. Click Save.
Enable 2-Factor Authentication for an individual user from the User Manager panel.
The setting will be effective upon the next login. The user will be guided through the Set Up Assistant to complete the activation. For details on how to complete the Set Up Assistant, consult the previous tab.
The user may not circumvent this step, nor are they able to deactivate 2-Factor Authentication.
To deactivate, in the Meta Data, uncheck the box: Force 2-Factor Auth.
The setting will be effective upon the next login.

Setting Support PIN

To ensure support calls are made by authorized users, we usually ask for the support PIN to verify the account. You can set your support PIN in the DCD and change it at any time. To set or change your support PIN, use the following procedure:
1. Go to Account Management > Password & Security > Set Support PIN.
2. Enter your support PIN in the PIN field. Click Set Support PIN.
The support PIN is now saved. You can use it to verify your account with Customer Support.

Resource Overview

In this tab, you can track the global usage of resources available in your account.
Furthermore, this page provides an overview of usage limits per virtual instance.

Cost and Usage

In this tab, you can view the breakdown of estimated costs for the next invoice. The costs displayed in the DCD are a non-binding extrapolation based on your resource allocation since the last invoice. Please refer to your invoice for the actual costs. For more pricing information, please visit our Features and prices page.
1. Go to Account Management > Cost and Usage. The list breaks down your Snapshot, IP address, and Data Center usage.
2. You may click the down arrow to expand each section to view individual item charges.
The Total amount displayed excludes VAT.

Payment Method

As a contract owner, you can choose between two payment methods: direct debit or a credit card.
1. Open the Account Management > Payment Method.
2. Choose either method, enter your information, and Submit.
Credit card data are safely stored with our payment service provider. If you choose to pay by direct debit, you will receive a form from us with which we ask you to give us a direct debit authorisation in writing.

Contract Owners

Custom settings: If you wish to change your e-mail address or username, please contact your sales representative or our IONOS enterprise support team.
Removing a user account: As a contract owner or administrator, you can cancel a user account by removing the user from the User Manager. Resources created by the user are not deleted.
Canceling your account: If you wish to cancel your Enterprise Cloud (IaaS) contract and delete your account including all VDCs completely, please contact your IONOS account manager or the IONOS enterprise support team.
If you are a 1&1 IONOS hosting customer, please refer to the following help page: Cancel an IONOS Contract.