Account Settings

In the Account Settings, you can view and manage your account's personal and payment details, passwords, and security, enable 2-Factor Authentication, and access the resource overview, cost, and usage. The access levels depend on your user role. To manage your account, select your name at the top right side of the DCD menu. You can view your user name, email address, and contract number. In addition to it, the following options will appear in the drop-down menu:

My Customer Data

To view or update your customer data, follow these steps:

  1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Your Profile > My Customer Data.

  2. A My customer data window will open up. You can view the Email Address, a Contract Number, Company name, First name, and Last name.

Info: If you want to make any changes, contact IONOS Cloud Support.

  1. Select Edit to update the Street address, ZIP, and City in the Address section. Select Save to make changes.

Info: If you want to update the Country, contact IONOS Cloud Support.

  1. Select Edit to update the primary Contact email address, Billing email address and Phone number associated with your account in the Contact section. You can also add other billing addresses by selecting Add another billing email address. Select Save to make changes.

Result: Your Customer Data will be saved.

Payment Details

You can view and update your account's billing and payment details. To edit the payment details, follow these steps:

  1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Your Profile > Payment details.

  2. The Payment Details window will open up. You can set up the payment method by selecting Set up payment method. A Change payment method window will open up.

  3. Select either of the following payment methods in Available payment methods to choose from how you would like to pay:

Select this option to enter your Credit card information. Each transaction is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and the information is secure. You need to provide the following information:

  • Card number: Enter the valid card number for payment processing.

  • Expires (month): Select the expiration month of your credit card from the drop-down list.

  • Expires (year): Select the expiration year of your credit card from the drop-down list.

  • Card verification code: Enter the security code on your credit card to verify the legitimacy during online transactions.

  • Credit card holder's address: You can provide the billing address associated with the credit card for verification purposes. Select either of the following options:

    • Same address as customer data: Select this option if you want to input the same address as you used in customer data.

    • Different address: Select this option to input a different address and provide the name of the Cardholder, Street and number, City, ZIP code, and Country.

    Once done, select Until further notice, I agree that IONOS will collect all amounts due from the above credit card.

  1. Select Save to make changes.

Result: Your Payment details will be saved.

My Settings

You can set the default values for your Virtual Data Centers (VDCs). Each time you open a new VDC, DCD will place your resources in the preset location, assigning them the same number of cores, memory size, storage capacity, and reserved IP addresses. For example, you can specify that all new VDCs must be located in Karlsruhe or that all processors will use the Intel architecture.

To edit the settings, follow these steps:

  1. In the DCD, go to Menu > My Profile > My Settings.

  2. A My Settings window will open up. Set the default values for Session settings, Data Center settings, Server settings, Storage settings, and IP settings from the respective drop-down lists.

Result: Your new settings will be updated right away. You can undo your changes either by selecting Reset or Reset All.

Password & Security

To protect the IONOS Cloud account from unauthorized access, each account comes with the following security features:

Change Password

You can provide the password for your IONOS account yourself during the registration process. Your password must contain at least five characters and a mixture of upper and lowercase letters and special characters. To change the password, follow these steps:

  1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Your Profile > Password & Security.

  2. In the Change Password view, enter your Current Password, New Password and then Repeat New Password.

  3. Select Change Password.

Result: The password is changed and becomes effective with the next login.

In you forget your password, then you can reset it. For more information, see Resetting Your IONOS Account Password.

Set up 2-Factor Authentication

You can set up 2-Factor Authentication in addition to your login credentials. This authentication method requires an app-generated security code. Once 2-Factor Authentication has been activated, you can only access your account by entering the authentication code you receive from the Google Authenticator App. This method can be extended to hide specific data centers and snapshots from users, even if they belong to an authorized group. This feature is only available in DCD.


  • You need to install the Google Authenticator App on your device, from the Google Play Store or from Apple iTunes based on the choice of your device.

  • The Google Authenticator App must be able to access your camera, and the time on the mobile device needs to be set automatically.

You can turn on 2-Factor Authentication for your accounts. Make sure that it is not already activated by a contract owner or an administrator.

To activate 2FA for your account, follow these steps:

  1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Your Profile > Password & Security.

  2. In 2-Factor Authentication section, select the Enable 2-Factor Authentication option. The 2-Factor Authentication Setup Assistant will open.

  1. Proceed through each step by selecting Next.

    • Install the Google Authenticator app from the Google Play Store or from Apple iTunes based on the choice of your device.

    • Scan the QR code using the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone.

    • Enter the Security Token.

    • Select Done to exit the 2-Factor Authentication window.

Result: The 2-Factor Authentication is now enabled. You need to provide a Verification code from the next login.

Set Support PIN

To ensure that the support calls are made by authorized users, you are asked for the support PIN to verify the account. You can set your support PIN in the DCD and change it at any time.

To set or change your support PIN, follow these steps:

  1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Your Profile > Password & Security.

  2. In the Set Support PIN section, enter your support PIN in the PIN field to confirm your identity.

  3. Select Set Support PIN.

Result: The support PIN is now saved. You can use it to verify your account with IONOS Cloud Support.

Resource Overview

You can track the global usage of resources available in your account along with the overview of usage limits per instance.

To view the resource overview, follow these steps:

  1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Your Profile > Resource Overview.

  2. A Resource Overview window will open up with a summary of all resources.

Info If you want to extend these resources, contact IONOS Cloud Support.

Cost and Usage

You can view the breakdown of estimated costs and usage. The costs displayed in the DCD are a non-binding extrapolation based on your resource allocation since the last invoice. You can refer to your invoice for the actual costs. For more information on pricing, see IONOS Cloud Prices.

To view the cost and usage associated with your account, follow these steps:

  1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Your Profile > Cost and Usage.

  2. Your Snapshot, IP address, and Data Centers usage are listed along with the cost. You can select the downward arrow to expand each section and view individual charges.

Note: The total amount displayed is for the next 30 days, and it excludes VAT.


  • As a contract administrator or owner, you can cancel a user account by removing the user from the User Manager. Resources created by the user are not deleted.

  • To cancel your Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) contract and completely delete your account, including all VDCs, contact your IONOS account manager.

  • If you have further questions or concerns, contact IONOS Cloud Support.

If you are a 1&1 IONOS hosting customer, refer to Cancelling an IONOS Contract.

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