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Data Center Designer

The Data Center Designer (DCD) is a unique tool for creating and managing your virtual data centers. DCD's graphical user interface makes data center configuration intuitive and straightforward. You can drag-and-drop virtual elements to set up and configure data center infrastructure components.
As is the case with a physical data center, you can use the DCD to connect various virtual elements to create a complete hosting infrastructure. For more information about the DCD features, see Log in to the Data Center Designer.
Create an entire hosting infrastructure using the Data Center Designer visual interface
The same visual design approach is used to make any adjustments at a later time. You can log in to the DCD and scale your infrastructure capacity on the go. Alternatively, you can set defaults and create new resources when needed.

Core Functionality

The DCD allows the customer to both control and manage the following services provided by IONOS Cloud:
  • Virtual Data Centers: Create, configure and delete entire data centers. Cross-connect between VDCs and tailor user access across your organization.
  • Dedicated Core Servers: Set up, pause, and restart virtual instances with customizable storage, CPU, and RAM capacity. Instances can be scaled based on usage.
  • Block Storage: Upload, edit and delete your own private images or use images provided by IONOS Cloud. Create or save snapshots for use with future instances.
  • Networking: Reserve and manage static public IP addresses. Create and manage private and public LANs including firewall setups.
  • Basic Features: Save and manage SSH keys; connect via Remote Console, launch instances via cloud-init, record networking via flow logs and monitor your instance use with monitoring software.


As a web application, the DCD is supported by the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome™: Version 30+
  • Mozilla® Firefox®: Version 28+
  • Apple® Safari®: Version 5+
  • Opera™: Version 12+
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer®: Version 11 & Edge
We recommend using Google Chrome™ and Mozilla® Firefox®.

Next Steps

If you are ready to get started with the Data Center Designer, consult our beginner Tutorials. These step-by-step instruction sets will teach you how to configure a basic Virtual Data Center and configure initial user settings.