August 2023 Releases

What's new

August 18

This is solely for informational purpose and does not require any action from you. IONOS has renamed Virtual Server(s) to Dedicated Core Server(s). This change does not impact the functionality of the product in any manner. As a result, the documentation portal now reflects the product name changes. For more information, see Product Renaming FAQs.

August 18

Added information on security advisory for CVE-2022-40982, also known as “Gather Data Sampling” (GDS) or “Downfall” here.

August 14

IONOS MongoDB database cluster offers MongoDB Enterprise edition supporting versions 5.0 and 6.0 to suit the requirements of enterprise-level deployments. This edition provides advanced capabilities such as sharding database type, enabling the BI Connector, and more resources - CPU cores, RAM size (GB), and storage types to create database clusters. Additionally, the enterprise database clusters facilitate point-in-time recovery and offsite backup features making these clusters highly reliable.

August 10

A vCPU Server is a new virtual machine provisioned and hosted in one of IONOS's physical data centers. It behaves like a physical server and can be used as a standalone product or combined with other IONOS cloud products. To configure a vCPU Server, choose a preset (S, M, L, XL, and XXL) that suits your needs. Presets are a combination of specific vCPU-to-RAM ratios. The number of vCPUs and RAMs differs based on the selected preset. You can also tailor the vCPU-to-RAM ratios to meet your requirements—the Preset automatically changes to Custom when you edit the predefined ratio.

August 8

The documentation for Kubernetes Versions now contains the following details:

  • Managed Kubernetes releases Kubernetes version 1.27; hence, the Available column now mentions the release date.

  • Kubernetes version 1.24 has reached an end-of-life; hence, the Kubernetes end of life column has been updated accordingly.

Documentation updates

Note: The documentation portal URLs are directly affected by the below-mentioned updates. As a result, if you have bookmarked specific pages from the documentation portal, we recommend revisiting the pages and bookmarking the new URLs.

August 10

The following sections have been renamed in the documentation portal:

  • Compute Engine is now called Compute.

  • Virtual Machines is now called Compute Engine.

August 10

Cloud Cubes is no longer under Virtual Machines, but an independent section under Compute.

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