IONOS Public Images

IONOS provides a variety of operating system block storage images and different versions of it that are ready to be used on any block storage type.

All images get updated frequently to include the latest updates, patches, and security fixes. IONOS will not inform about image updates separately. Once a new patch or update is provided, a new image is built and provided while the previous version is removed from the software catalog. The currently available version number is displayed in the image name that you can retrieve from the image selection within the block storage selection.

For more information about using public images for your Block Storage, see Set Up a Block Storage.

Available operating system images

The following list provides an overview of the operating systems and their corresponding distributions supplied by IONOS.

Open Source Linux

  • Alma Linux

  • CentOS Linux (deprecation announced for June, 30th 2024)

  • Debian Linux

  • Rocky Linux

  • Ubuntu Linux

Enterprise Linux

Microsoft Server

  • Microsoft Windows Server

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