Connect LAN to a Cross Connect

The Workspace allows you to associate multiple VDCs with each other, via a LAN, with an existing Cross Connect or you can also create a connection instantly. For more information about how to create a connection instantly using the + option, see Create a Cross Connect.

Before connecting the VDCs to the Cross Connect, we recommend referring to the Prerequisites to ensure you meet all the requirements.

To connect VDCs via the Workspace, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to DCD with your username and password.

  2. Click on the VDC that you want to connect with other VDCs by means of a Cross Connect.

  3. Drag a Cross Connect element from the Palette to the Workspace.

  4. Connect the Cross Connect element to a private LAN to establish a connection. Ensure the IP addresses in use meet the requirements. For more information, see Prerequisites and Limitations.

  5. Select the Cross Connect element in the Workspace.

  6. From the drop-down list in the Inspector pane, select an existing connection to associate your VDC with it. The list displays the connections that belong to the same region and are under the same contract and also new Cross Connects that are not assigned to any VDC. You can also click + to instantly create a new connection to associate a new connection with the VDC.

  1. Make further changes to your data center, if necessary. This is optional.

  2. Provision your changes.

Result: The selected VDC is now added to the Cross Connect and is connected with all VDCs that belong to this connection. The following example shows how two separate VDCs in the same location are connected via a single Cross Connect.

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