October 2023 Releases

What's new

October 26

The documentation portal now contains information about the new security advisories that Acronis reported. You can find more details about the reported vulnerabilities on the following pages:

October 25

VM Auto Scaling is now available as an Early Access (EA) feature. It is a cloud computing feature that dynamically scales in or scales out the number of virtual machine instances (horizontal scaling) based on customizable monitoring events. The metric-based policy, defined during its configuration, constantly monitors the load and regularly scales the number of VM instances based on the policy threshold. The functionality ensures that the number of replicas in the group remains within the defined constraints.

Documentation updates

October 18

The documentation for Backup Service has been updated to include a new section called Install the Acronis Backup Agent on Linux. This section provides prerequisites, step-by-step instructions, and configuration options to ensure a seamless installation experience.

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