Access MaaS

There are two ways to access the metrics of an instance: from the Monitoring Manager view or via the Inspector pane.

Inside of the data center view of the DCD, right-click the graphical representation of your server. The context menu will show an item called Monitor, which will open a window with the server's metrics. This window can be minimized to the bottom bar.

Using the Monitoring Manager

The Monitoring Manager allows quick access to all running virtual instances within the contract. It also provides access to the configuration of alarms and actions.

1. In the DCD, open the Management option. A drop-down box displays.

2. Select Monitoring.

3. In the left panel, select the target Dedicated Core server. Metrics for the target server displays in the right-hand panel.

Using the Inspector pane

You can access MaaS via the properties panel of a virtual instance.

1. In the DCD, open your virtual data center.

2. Select your Dedicated Core server. The Inspector pane for this virtual instance displays on the right side of the window.

3. Click on the Metrics tab. The CPU utilization graph, followed by other graphs, displays showing the basic metrics for the last hour.

4. In the Inspector, you may select Refresh. The basic metrics are refreshed.

5. You can choose to monitor separately. In the Inspector, select Monitor in Background. A separate window displays. The graphs display an enlarged view. Additional information is available for each graph.

In the upper right corner of the pop-up window there are three buttons: minimize (down arrow), maximize (up arrow) and close (x). You to can either enlarge the view to the entire screen or reduce the view to a monitoring bar, which will remain active in the background.

The monitoring bar

The monitoring bar remains visible even when switching between VDCs. You can add multiple monitoring views of different virtual instances from different VDCs to this bar. Even if you close a virtual data center, the monitoring bar option will remain active.

The monitoring bar will disappear when you log out of the DCD.

If the VDC is closed, you can reopen the Monitoring Manager and also use the Focus Server option to load the VDC that contains the server instance. The server will be selected automatically. The relevant property panel will become available immediately.

Time range limits

In the Monitor in Background view, you may select the refresh interval as well as the time frame for data retrieval.

You can only choose a time frame of up to two weeks. If you select a wider time frame, MaaS will limit the data reported or it may return an error if no data is available. If you change one or both of these values, the view is refreshed. MaaS will display your latest chosen data in the graph.

If you want to create a long-term history of metrics, we advise you to retrieve the raw metric data and store it. Any data older than two weeks will be purged by IONOS Cloud.

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