Changes to Opteron Node Pools

Essential Best Practices for Terraform Users

Update existing node pool configuration

Automatic migration

Existing Kubernetes node pools using AMD Opteron CPUs will be migrated to a “new CPU type” during scheduled maintenance windows.

Note: Starting July 17, 2024, you may encounter an error when running the terraform plan. This error will indicate a change in the cpu_family attribute from AMD_OPTERON to a “new CPU type”.

How To Handle Errors

  1. Run terraform plan -refresh-only to identify any remote changes related to your Kubernetes node pool configuration.

  2. Check the plan output to confirm the change in the cpu_family attribute.

  3. Update your Terraform configuration file (*.tf) to reflect the new CPU type. Ensure the cpu_family parameter aligns with the migrated node pool configuration.


  • If allow_replace=true, the existing node pool will be deleted and recreated with the new CPU type. This action may result in data loss.

  • To prevent data loss, set allow_replace=false in your Terraform configuration and manually update the Terraform configuration file (*.tf) with the new cpu_family parameter. You can set allow_replace back to true after this operation.

Configure new node pools

When creating new Kubernetes node pools, ensure that the cpu_family parameter does not specify AMD_OPTERON. Instead, set the value to the available cpuFamily in your desired location.

Essential Best Practices for Crossplane Users

Update existing node pool configuration

Reconciliation behavior

Crossplane ignores the cpuFamily parameter during reconciliation for existing Kubernetes node pools. Clients can modify this parameter in the specification file without impacting the operational state of the node pool.

Configuration requirement for new node pools

When defining new Kubernetes node pools, ensure that the cpuFamily parameter in the specification file does not specify AMD_OPTERON. Failure to update this parameter may result in configuration errors during provisioning.

Next steps

Existing Node Pools

If you need to update the cpuFamily parameter for existing node pools, make the necessary changes in your Crossplane specification files as required.

New Node Pools

Ensure the cpuFamily parameter is set appropriately to align with the current CPU offerings during the creation of new Kubernetes node pools.

For further assistance or questions, contact IONOS Cloud Support.

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