Reserve an IPv4 Address

If you want to build a network using static IP addresses, IONOS Cloud offers you the option to reserve IPv4 addresses for a fee. You can reserve one or more addresses in an IP block using the DCD's IP Manager.

Note: It is not possible to reserve a specific IPv4 address; you are assigned a random address by IONOS Cloud.

An IP address can only be used in the data center from the region where it was reserved. Therefore, if you need an IP address for your virtual data center in Karlsruhe, you should reserve the IP address there. Each IP address can only be used once, but different IP addresses from a block can be used in different networks, provided these networks are provisioned in the same region where the IP block is located.

Reserving and using IPv4 addresses is restricted to authorized users only. Contract owners and administrators may grant privileges to reserve IP addresses.

Reserve an IPv4 address

Prerequisites: Make sure you have the appropriate permissions. Only contract owners, administrators, or users with the Reserve IP privilege can reserve IP addresses. Other user types have read-only access and can't provision changes.

  1. In the DCD, go to the Menu > Management > IP Management.

  2. In the IP Manager, select + Reserve IPs.

  3. Enter the following IP block information:

    • Name: Enter a name for the IP block.

    • Number of IPs: Enter the number of IPv4 addresses you want to reserve.

    • Region: Enter the location of the IONOS data center where you want your IPs to be available.

  4. Confirm your entries by selecting Reserve IPs.

The number of IPs you have reserved are available as an IP block. The IP block details should now be visible on the right.

Return an IPv4 address

IP addresses cannot be returned individually, but only as a block and only when they are not in use.

Note: If you return a static IP address, you cannot reserve it again afterwards.

  1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Management > IP Management.

  2. Ensure the IPs you want to release are not in use.

  3. Select the required IP block.

  4. Select Delete to return the IP block to the pool.

  5. Confirm your action by selecting OK.

The IP block and all IP addresses contained are released and removed from your IONOS Cloud account.

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