Changes to AMD Opteron Virtual Machines

Note: Starting July 29th, creating new VMs with AMD Opteron CPUs will no longer be possible. Existing VMs can continue to run and will be unaffected by this change. They can also undergo normal power cycles without impacting functionality.

Best practices for provisioning new Opteron VMs

For Terraform Users

Configuration check:

  • Ensure that the cpu_family parameter in your Terraform configuration file (*.tf) is not set to AMD_OPTERON.

  • The cpu_family parameter is optional, but if it is set to AMD_OPTERON, it must be updated or removed to avoid errors. For more information about the available options, see Data centers.


  • Before provisioning new VMs, verify that the Terraform configuration file (*.tf) is updated appropriately.

  • Run terraform plan to confirm the configuration is correct.

  • Provision the VM using terraform apply.

For Crossplane Users

Configuration check:

  • If the specification file has the cpuFamily set to AMD_OPTERON, it should be updated to avoid errors.

  • Failure to update the cpuFamily parameter will result in an error when managing VMs.


  • Check your specification files for the cpuFamily parameter.

  • Update the parameter from AMD_OPTERON to the appropriate value according to your needs.

Limitations while creating new VMs with AMD Opteron

These limitations apply when you try to create new VMs:

  • You cannot select AMD Opteron as the CPU architecture for New VMs.

  • You cannot switch a running or deallocated VM's CPU family to AMD Opteron.

For further assistance or questions, contact IONOS Cloud Support.

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