Integration with IONOS Telemetry API

The Telemetry API is an API that allows you to interact with the IONOS Cloud Telemetry service, and it is compatible with Prometheus specifications.

The Telemetry API allows retrieval of instance metrics; it is a read-only API and does not support any write operations. Although the Prometheus specification contains many more API resources and operations, the Telemetry API selectively supports the following GET operations at the moment:


Integration with IONOS Telemetry API

The managed Grafana in the Logging Service comes with a pre-configured datasource for the Telemetry API called IONOS Telemetry. You can use this datasource to query metrics from the IONOS Cloud Telemetry API.


The Telemetry API uses the same authentication as the IONOS Cloud API. You can use the same API token to authenticate with the Telemetry API. This means you need to update the IONOS Telemetry datasource with your API token:

Header: Authorization Value: Bearer <TOKEN>

Follow the instructions in Create new tokens to generate a token.

Once the header is configured, select Save & test.

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